1. Camera: Canon EOS 600D
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 36mm
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hayloft - nickel creek 

gettin’ it on in a hayloft.

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Let’s Be Still - The Head and The Heart |

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vance, you are killin’ me.

Play with Fire- Vance Joy

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bad. ass.



"Gulabi Gang" is a gang of women in India who track down and beat abusive husbands with brooms.

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wildfire-john mayer

a little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about.

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"But the pleasant thing is to wake early, throw open the window, and lie reading in bed."
— Edward Fitzgerald, from a letter to W. F. Pollock, May 3, 1840 (via pureblyss)

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Mess is Mine - Dream Your Life Away (Coming September)

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